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Developing Artistic Programming That Unites Humanity, All While Creating Sustainable Art and Artists.

iamHUMAN Media, a national non-profit 501(c)(3) that is located in Chandler, AZ (a suburb of Phoenix, AZ). 


iamHUMAN Media works to raise the awareness of social discourse to and about all humans through the development of artistic programs and ventures that foster and promote healing, unity in diversity and community fellowship. 

iamHUMAN Media was created to improve society, elevate our way of thinking and challenge our personal comfort zones to unify all HUMANs. iamHUMAN Media strives to provide a space that creates community, fosters a higher level of personal consciousness and instills character virtues (love, unity, patience, justice, praiseworthiness, honesty, responsibility, ETC.) in all its programming. Let’s work together to be the change.

#iamHUMAN® Videos

This project was developed to engage social change by promoting the unity and equality of all humans.  #iamHUMAN® will take the viewing audience through a brief but most memorable account of oneself as a unique and one-of-a-kind individual, acknowledging our foundational interconnectedness that, WE ARE ALL HUMAN! 


A   Conversation With Artists

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