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In a partnership between Lori Hines, fiction author, and #iamHUMAN Media, these meditations are created to assist in one's personal spiritual path. The Guided Storytelling Meditations will also be partnering with Canyon Records Artists and various other musicians to create their own music for the project. Each meditation is distinctly different in landscape, some take place on other worlds, some in other dimensions and some on Earth. 


These guided storytelling meditations are different from others in that they involve the listener more intently. They immerse the participant in short stories from 10 minutes up to 20 minutes in length, so that the listener feels like a true part of the experience. The meditations involve question and answer sessions to help the listener get involved and help their journey.


The Guided Storytelling Meditations are written by Lori Hines, fiction author. These meditations are based on characters, plots and landscapes from her published fiction series, titled ”The Ancient Ones,” and her currently unpublished manuscripts titled “Native Heart” and “A Piece of Time.” Some are inspired by a higher power. Lori’s own psychic and medium abilities have been enhanced through the writing of her mystery novels. She has become much more in tune with her spirit guides since they have used her as a channel for her written words. Her books are much more than fiction – they are a method of healing and education for those seeking a closer connection to spirit. 


Stay tuned for more info!

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