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Raised in the culture of his Indigenous roots, Roman Orona presents a collection of Apache inspired songs that express his people’s sacred values with Baha’i prayers/writings. With drums, dancers’ bells, and vocals sung from the heart, Roman’s music acknowledges the spirits of the ancestors who sacrificed their lives, families and lands, so that their tribal communities could endure. Driven by a vision of respect, faith, and unification for all humanity, these songs are meant to touch the human soul in all of us, while combining his cultural upbringing with his religious beliefs into one.


Prayer Outro (:45)

Background Song-Sung in Apache Vocables

Baha’i Tablet by Bahá’u’lláh

Roman Orona-Lead and backing vocals, voiceover

Excerpt from “The Tabernacle of Unity” Tablet to Mánikchí Ṣáḥib (Lawḥ-i-Mánikchí-Ṣáḥib)


“I am the Sun of Wisdom and the Ocean of Knowledge. 

I cheer the faint and revive the dead. I am the guiding Light 

that illumineth the way. I am the royal Falcon on the arm 

of the Almighty. I unfold the drooping wings of every 

broken bird and start it on its flight…”

Prayer Outro - INVOCATIONS

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