This collection of Native American flute music has been combined from a previously released album called Drum Awakenings. Drum Awakenings is a collection of drum music that I have been brought up on and used in various types of ceremonial settings. Drum Awakenings was created to be used as a form of meditational music. I have now combined the drumming from Drum Awakenings with the flute music and I have called this album Soul Awakenings. The drum and flute together allows for the music to enter deeper into your body and into your soul. I want this music to accompany your meditative and/or prayerful practices.


3. Soaring Flight (5:28)

Flute Key- E Minor

Flute made by Butch Hall (Concert Collection)

The original drum song off the Drum Awakenings CD titled “First Flight”

Drum Played By Roman Orona

Flute Played By Roman Orona

Soaring Flight - SOUL AWAKENINGS